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Want to Start a Business in 2012? Try The Bear Stuffing Business

Start a Business in 2012 | Bear Stuffing BusinessAre you frustrated with an unreasonable boss?  Wish you could only answer to yourself?  If you want to start a business in 2012 you can’t do better than the Bear Stuffing Business. Not only is it quickly profitable, but it’s fun too!

The bear stuffing business  not only gives a promising income but also provides a sense of fulfillment in making kids happy. An article from chron.com offers some good tips  on how to start a bear stuffing business.

Decide whether you want to purchase a bear stuffing franchise opportunity or start this business from scratch. Franchises can be expensive but do provide equipment and business strategy guides as well as the benefit of customer name recognition. You can enjoy more flexibility and the chance to add your unique touch to your business if you start from scratch, however.

Apply for a business license. You can usually apply through your local county clerk, the department of licenses and inspections or a similar agency in your jurisdiction.

Kids love stuffed bears… adults love them, too. The bear stuffing business allows them to dress, stuff and accessorize  a more personalized and customized stuffed toy to cuddle with. In the same chron.com article, they list some great steps to start this exciting business!

Choose a name for your business and register the fictitious name. You can learn how to register a fictitious name by contacting your secretary of state’s office. A unique name that includes the words bear stuffing, stuffed bears, teddy bears or bears in it will give potential customers an idea of what you’re offering. In addition, choosing a catchy name will help make your business memorable.

Decide where you will set up your bear stuffing business. You may choose a storefront in a high foot traffic area or opt to start this business from a mall kiosk. You may alternatively purchase a truck, van or trailer and sell your bears at festivals, fairs and carnivals. You might even travel to birthday parties and other special events to sell your bears and accessories.

A bear stuffing machine can be used for post proms, company picnics, church events and more.  Many party rental companies have used a Bear Stuffing Machine as an add-on to their business, but you don’t have to go that route.  You can get into party rentals with ONLY the portable bear stuffing machine, and they grow over years into more party rental equipment if you like.

Purchase the equipment you will need to run your bear stuffing business. You will need a bear stuffing machine, boxes for the bears, a computer, printer and software for creating bear birth certificates. You will also need unstuffed bear skins, bear stuffing, bear clothing and a range of accessories for the bears. In addition, you may want to purchase other types of unstuffed animal skins to give your customers more choices.

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The key to making a bear stuffing business click is the quality of a bear stuffing machine and of course, all the works which include the soft plush skins and the service it provides. My Pawfect Bear is the proud manufacturer of the Teddy Bear Stuffing Machines for 9 years and has sold hundreds worldwide! You can come up with anything on those stuffed bears, even personalize them to match your style or go corporate with the logo and company name on it!  Give us a call today and we’ll help you start a business in 2012 that will profit for years!

Want to Start a Business in 2012? Try The Bear Stuffing Business!



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