Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

Set up shop ANYWHERE! This inviting store like experience will fit in a space as small as 56sq ft! Pawfect for a FEC, CEC, Portable Operator. Party or Variety Store. Pack it up and take it on the go! The Bear Den as shown can be packed up, moved and set up in less than 30 minutes! The Bear Den package can be custom built to fit into any
space and any budget!


  • 1 Skin Bin
  • 1 BIAB Mini Stuffer w/Portability Pak
  • 1 My Pawfect Bear Sign
  • 3 2' x 8'Gridwall costume display
  • 100 Assorted Skins
  • 100 Assorted Costumes
  • 100 Wishing Inserts
  • 100 Postcard Marketing Mailers
  • 1 Box O' Fluff
  • 1 Beary Cool Party Production Tool Book

The Front Door is inviting with a “My Pawfect Bear”™lighted sign. Each product point is marked with colorful signage and is displayed on colorful, top quality structures. Full color graphics line every wall. A photo opportunity created with a 3D mural art technique lines the rear wall of the store; this adds personality to your space and increases your profit potential. Store size is determined by traffic in a specific area.

A “My Pawfect Bear”™ store can be altered to fit any size. “My Pawfect Bear”™ offers many options and upgrades to our basic package. These options increase attraction and ultimately your earnings. These options and upgrades are designed for larger retail space opportunities. “My Pawfect Bear”™ will give your guests an experience they will never forget, and an experience they will want again and again and again! “My Pawfect Bear”™ stores are constructed with extra earning potential from wall to wall…from the Giant Gum Ball machines to the Magic Penny Stamper!

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